Jamie Landers

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Jamie Landers is an aerospace engineer, small business owner, and professional baker with a passion for strategy, market growth and innovative sales. She is a born entrepreneur and competitor, owning her first business at the age of nine: an organic cherry tomato micro-farm and recently winning Sugar Showdown on the Cooking Channel and competing on Food Network’s Chopped. Passionate, driven, kind and compassionate, she believes in the industrial spirit, believing that together communities can build a healthy and thriving economy through shared commitments and servant leadership.

As a plucky and determined young girl, Jamie informed her parents she would attend NASA’s Space Camp and someday become a rocket scientist. During the same time an interest in local policy and politics was piqued when in fourth grade she convinced her parents to allow her to testify in front of her local Board of Education to save the funding for the public Gifted & Talented Program for which she was enrolled. Through hard work and dedication, she achieved the goals she set before her, receiving three NASA Space Academy scholarships and graduating from Penn State in 2002 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and minor in Engineering Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship. As an adult she had the opportunity to work with Federal and international governments, using her aerospace acumen to inform congressional representatives and staff on space policy and procurement issues. Additionally, has helped develop international space policy with Japan, presenting findings on the safe and effective use of outer space to the Japanese Diet in 2009.

In 2013, her love of science, food, and small business drove her to take a sabbatical from aerospace to open an upscale brunch food truck amidst the rapidly innovative food and hospitality industry in Philadelphia. The unique challenges of a mobile restaurant owners inspired her to act in Philadelphia public policy forums and the local chamber of commerce. She was elected to the board of directors of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Truck Association (PMFA) by her peers after only a few months in the industry. During the two-year tenure on the PMFA board, Jamie championed the safe use of mobile propane tanks coordinating with local businesses, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner, Department of Transportation and testifying in front of Philadelphia City Council.

Currently, Jamie is a member of the dynamic business development team in Commercial and Civil Space at Lockheed Martin. She is focused on the future of space exploration; aiding in the development of the next generation solar-system communication network. She works to identify strategic commercial, civil and military partnerships to architect and develop a system benefitting human and robotic spaceflight. Leveraging her early passions for outer space, her entrepreneurial endeavors and policy and political knowledge her goal is to help advance humanity through spaceflight. Having recently moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania to join Lockheed Martin, Jamie hopes to continue her advocacy for the entrepreneurial spirit and engage in her local community through participating in public policy to assist Colorado’s landscape of growth for existing and burgeoning industries.