Eran Fraenkel

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Eran Fraenkel was born in Israel on May 3, 1986. His family of 5 (Mom, Dad, & 2 older sisters) moved to the United States when he was 3 years old, and lived in Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and Boulder during his childhood. During those years, Eran was very involved in team sports, which taught him the importance of teamwork, leadership, and being competitive. He played soccer competitively through his senior year on his High School varsity team, and enjoyed playing basketball and football for fun with friends.

Upon graduating from High School, Eran decided to defer going to university immediately, and instead studied abroad in Israel for a year. He enrolled in a program that combined college courses with volunteer work. The first half of the year was spent in Jerusalem taking Israeli history classes, Hebrew language classes, and other Jewish culture classes via the American Jewish University (AJU). After completing the education portion of the program, Eran moved to Tiberias to teach English at Middle & High Schools as a volunteer. His last stop was Haifa where he volunteered in the Israeli Red Cross as a medic. The experience he saw during that time was unforgettable.

After the study abroad program ended, Eran returned to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado. He started his freshman year in the School of Arts & Sciences, before transferring to the School of Engineering during his Sophomore year. The decision to study engineering was tough to make as Eran was searching his mind to decide what career path he wanted to pursue. His mom (a nurse) was pressuring him to go the medical route, although he felt his passion lied in the accounting/finance world. The decision to pursue an engineering degree was made when he realized that a broad spectrum a knowledge could only help him in the future. His plan was to graduate with a Civil Engineering degree, and continue his education on a graduate level after working a few years in industry. He eventually went on to meet this plan when he received a Graduate Business Certificate from the University of Denver by completing Finance & Accounting courses there.

Eran accepted a position with JR Butler upon graduating from CU Boulder, and has been working there ever since. He is not only part of the executive team, but has also been invited to become part owner of the company. Eran is striving to become a top leader not only within his company, but also in the industry.