Chris Horning

Chris Horning is a Colorado native who has been in the electrical field for 24 years (32 years if you include sweeping up the floor after his dad on job-sites). With his passion for putting things together along with his desire to always find better, more efficient ways to make things work, pursuing a career in the ever-changing electrical field was an effortless decision. Chris completed his business degree while working full- time as an electrician. He then received his Colorado Master Electrical License at the age of 25.

Currently, a supervisor for the service division at Integrity Electrical Solutions, he has increased expected sales by 34%. Chris is consistently encouraging people to use LED lighting and helps to make it affordable through rebates and competitive pricing. He continues to increase his knowledge of the ways to make our world a brighter place with less energy usage, leaving a smaller footprint upon the earth along the way.

Never forgetting to enjoy the journey of life, Chris is a snowboarder, scuba diver and skydiving instructor. He spends his leisure time with his 4 kids and loving wife, enjoying the outdoors through hiking, mountain biking and many other activities that the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer.