Bryson Carl

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Bryson Carl currently serves as the Director of Business Development for Denver based MicroStar Kegs. Yep, Kegs! His job is to ensure the top craft breweries in the country have the kegs they need, so you can drink beer on tap. Bryson accomplishes this very important task by utilizing MicroStar’s nation-wide pooled asset model of over 3.5MM kegs. It’s a tough gig…travel to all 50 states, daily visits to breweries, and heavy doses of “product sampling”. Fortunately, he gets to share this difficult task with 6 Regional Sales Managers and Sales Reps who are responsible for West Coast, Mid-West and East Coast breweries. With a few beers years under his belt, Bryson has been able to execute long-term brewery partnerships, expand market share, and position MicroStar for the largest new business growth year in company history.

Prior to taking on his grueling position at MicroStar, he served 5.5-years as an active duty Army officer in the Air Defense Artillery (Think shooting missiles off the back of HMMWV’s and blowing things out of the sky). He had the distinct honor of serving in positions from Platoon Leader, managing 30 Soldiers, to Assistant Brigade Operations Officer, managing the training and operations for a 2,500 Soldier unit. In those 5.5-years, Uncle Sam sent Bryson to Oklahoma, South Carolina, back to Oklahoma and even had him swing through Dongducheon, South Korea for 2-years. While he loved making things go BOOM!, sleeping in the dirt for weeks at a time, and eating MRE’s (think mystery meat in a bag), Bryson decided to turn in his Captain rank and camo pants for jeans, a button-up and a beer in 2015.

Bryson’s journey into the military emerged after years of battling it out on the grid-iron…A kid from New Mexico, with a lifelong dream to play college
football, finally got his wish when given an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point and offered a spot on the Army football team. Bryson banged heads as a fullback and crushed souls as lead wedge man on kickoff return from 2006-2010. When off the fields of friendly strife, Bryson was enduring a 47-month academic battle with the Dean of Cadets, in which he finally prevailed and was awarded a B.S. in Geo-Politics.

Before shipping off to his first duty assignment, Bryson secured his longest-term contract YTD, marrying beautiful New York native, Krystle Feliciano. Bryson and Krystle wasted little time and created Bryson’s first clone, Kyron, in April 2010. The three of them traveled the world (see
above) until they finally settled down for the long term in Denver, CO. Loving their new home and state, Bryson and Krystle decided it should be shared with another Carl…Well, in August 2016, Krystle got the greatest gift of all time…Bryson’s second clone, Lawson! The four of them now spend the weekends Dad is home smoking BBQ, hiking, fly fishing, and of course drinking great Local Beer (Not the kids…). Cheers!