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Gazette: EDITORIAL: Capping Colorado’s prescription costs will backfire

If only there were a magic wand to tame the high cost of living in our inflationary economy. Instead, there are politicians — who merely pretend to possess such superhuman power. And their attempts to wield it inevitably backfire, sooner or later.

Thus, our sense of impending doom after news that another high-priced prescription drug was officially declared “unaffordable” by Colorado’s groundbreaking Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board. The finding last Friday paves the way for the drug board to set an upper price limit that could be charged for the drug in our state.

As reported Monday in The Gazette by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Sum & Substance news service, the board’s action was directed at Stelara, a medication that treats anti-inflammatory diseases affecting joints and bowels. It was developed and is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, and demand for it has been on the rise.

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