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Fox 31: Polis’ wage theft veto garners industry support, workers’ dismay

Earlier in May, Gov. Jared Polis vetoed a measure billed as a way to prevent wage theft in the construction industry, and groups associated with construction work have applauded the move. However, workers say this will hurt their chances to fight wage theft.

Many industry organizations and associations have applauded the veto, including the National Utility Contractors Association, the American Subcontractors Association of Colorado, the Associated Builders and Contractors Rocky Mountain Chapter, Associated General Contractors and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

“HB 1008 was extremely problematic for the business community and would have set a damaging precedent,” the chamber said in its release about the veto. “It would have shifted responsibility and put general contractors on the hook for the illegal actions of other business entities, which actually could have incentivized the very thing it was trying to prevent. Punishing good actors is not a solution to wage theft. We’re grateful that Gov. Polis stood with the business community in vetoing HB 1008 to preserve jobs and protect Colorado’s economic climate.”

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