Faces Behind the Chamber: Lisa Reeves

The Colorado Chamber is recognizing members of our staff to highlight the hard work they do to be a unifying voice for business and champion a healthy economic climate to secure Colorado’s future.

Lisa Reeves, the executive vice president of finance at the Colorado Chamber, manages and oversees all financial aspects of the organization. This includes consolidated and controlled entities such as the Colorado Chamber Alliance, Colorado Chamber Foundation, Colorado Chamber Political Action Committee, Colorado Chamber 527 Organization and the Colorado Chamber Small Donor Committee. Additionally, she is responsible for Human Resources and employee benefits.

Lisa finds joy in the diversity of her role, as it allows her to be involved in every area of the Chamber. She is particularly interested in being part of the organization’s growth opportunities, forecasting and budgeting. She loves finding ways to help the Chamber undertake new ventures, fund new positions and grow.

One of Lisa’s proudest achievements at the Colorado Chamber is the relocation to the new office space at the Atrium. She played a crucial role in selecting the new location, implementing the processes, and engaging third parties to ensure a smooth transition. “The timing of the move couldn’t be better, and the design, collaboration areas, décor, and overall feel support and reflect the energy of the staff and the impactful goals we have ahead of us,” she said.

Lisa is particularly excited about Vision 2033 and its impact on the Colorado Chamber Foundation. This vision has revitalized the once dormant entity, transforming it into a multi-faceted organization with initiatives like the Environmental Sustainability Climate Action Task Force, Legal Reform Alliance, and Tech Alliance. The Chamber’s ability to partner with the community through events like the Civics Bee and Impact Day further underscores its commitment to making a positive impact. Lisa fondly remembers Dan Pilcher, the former COO of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, who always believed in the Foundation’s potential.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys spontaneous outings with her family, trying new restaurants, and recently, riding e-bikes on the many dirt trails in the mountains. After a busy day, she unwinds by cooking and eating with her family, followed by long card games and watching TV shows she prefers to keep a secret.

Her favorite spot in Colorado is Beaver Creek, where she and her spouse married in 1998. They visit every year to enjoy the area’s beauty, hiking, horseback riding, music festivals and great food. Living and working in Colorado, Lisa never tires of the mountain views. Residing on the far west side of town, she enjoys close-up views of the mountains from most windows, and the nearby paths allow her to reach the foothills in just a few minutes.