Leadership Colorado Tasted Success and Visited Two Colorado Chamber Members in the Agricultural Industry

This month, Leadership Colorado participants visited Rocky Mountain Natural Meats and Colorado Serum Company, both of which dominate an important niche in the agricultural industry.  At Rocky Mountain Natural Meats, participants spoke with Bob Dineen (CEO), Ace Ward (COO), Sharon Martin (CFO), and Michaela Arnold and Julia Lambert (Leadership Colorado ’23 alumni) about founding and running a company that has a major share of the worldwide bison meat market (Great Range Premium Bison, among other private label names). Participants learned about the mostly human process of processing and packaging bison meat start-to-finish through a tour of their facility, the regulations on this industry, the total cost of procuring their bison and the profits generated per bison, and the conservation aspects of eating bison. RMNM treated the cohort to a delicious BBQ lunch that included grilling up their delicious bison steak and hot dogs (an exclusive opportunity to sample a product not yet available in stores!).

Participants then traveled to Colorado Serum Company, a 4th-generation family-owned business that manufactures animal biologicals, medical instruments, and laboratory diagnostic reagents that are used worldwide in the agriculture and veterinary industries. Joe Huff (CEO) and his family Cheri, David, and Natalie talked to the group about the history of the 101-year-old company and how they now distribute their vaccines and serums to companies on every continent except Antarctica. The cohort took a tour through some of their manufacturing facilities and saw some of the 500+ livestock animals on their property that help them produce their serums and antibodies. The group discussed their challenges with government regulations and learned about the products they supply to their biggest clients (dairy and meat farmers – and people who keep backyard goats is their newest growth opportunity!).

Participants later said:

“It was interesting how up close we were able to get with the factory at RMNM.”

“Both places provided great insights into specific challenges and industry concerns. Learning about work environments and barriers to success is one of the things which we find most interesting in the employee benefits field.”

“I liked how we got to talk to the CEO of Rocky Mountain Natural Meats and the CEO of Colorado Serum Company. I felt like they both were super personal and willing to answer any questions the group had.”

Thank you again to both Rocky Mountain Natural Meats and Colorado Serum Company for hosting Leadership Colorado this month!