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CBS News: Community members and advocacy organizations show support of environmental bills as legislative session nears its end

Many communities of color are advocating for cleaner air, water, and land in their communities. Their push for environmental justice could soon see significant progress.

According to research released earlier this year in the Environmental Science and Technology journal, Denver’s communities of color breathe dirtier air than white residents.

President and CEO of Colorado Chamber of Commerce Loren Furman sent CBS News Colorado a statement on their stance on the bills saying:

“We applaud the Governor’s Office and our members in the energy sector for finding a balanced compromise to defeat a series of overreaching environmental proposals. Together, these bills would have further threatened Colorado’s competitiveness and economic growth. The Colorado Chamber dubbed these proposals ‘job killers,’ with impacts far beyond just the energy industry, and Chamber members sent over 3,000 messages to lawmakers this session opposing the measures.”

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