Job Killer Alert! Single-Payer Health Care Bill Moves to Senate

The Colorado Chamber has long been opposed to mandates that will increase costs on health care industries, employers, and their employees. House Bill 1075, on the Chamber’s “Job Killers” list, would go a step further and set the foundation for a single-payer, government-run health care payment system in Colorado.

The bill would set aside funds to require the Colorado School of Public Health to create model legislation to implement such a system. The Colorado Chamber has raised concerns in previous committee hearings in the House about the intent of the this study to achieve a predetermined outcome.

Similar legislation has recently passed in the state of Oregon. The task force proposed a system which has been estimated to cost $20 billion in new taxes, including a $12.3 billion employer payroll tax.

Colorado’s health care system is already strained, and the recently-passed Colorado Option hasn’t even been fully implemented yet. HB 1075would lay the groundwork to completely disrupt the state’s health care industry, threatening health care jobs and the livelihoods of taxpayers who would foot the bill.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee this week. Please use the Chamber’s grassroots tool below to tell members of the committee to OPPOSE House Bill 1075.