Small Business Feature: Palmer DCS

In honor of National Small Business Week, the Colorado Chamber is celebrating Colorado small businesses and recognizing the contributions of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their employees to our local communities. Learn more about Small Business Week here!

Today’s feature is Lynn Weberg with Palmer DCS

With nearly 50 years of experience delivering custom industrial control systems, Palmer DCS, based in Englewood, provides innovative, flexible and forward-thinking electrical control solutions to address complex technological challenges.

Graduating with an accounting degree from Fort Lewis College in 1979, Lynn Weberg embarked on a diverse career path within various industries—from cement manufacturing to residential and commercial construction. However, it was in 2012 when Lynn and his partner acquired the assets of RL Palmer Company’s industrial electrical control products business, Palmer DCS was founded.

One of Palmer DCS’s greatest achievements lies in its company culture. By focusing on creating a workplace where employees thrive and feel valued, the company has cultivated a positive environment that serves as a magnet for talent. Under Weberg’s leadership, the company has fostered a culture that is fueled by a dedicated team, strategic alliances and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Weberg’s advice to those looking to start a business is to develop a unique selling proposition and recognize that “no matter how much working capital you have, you probably will need more.” Emphasizing financial preparedness, understanding cost structures and developing a distinct market position, he underscores the need for strategic foresight in starting and growing a business.

As Palmer DCS continues to expand its footprint in the industrial marketplace—serving sectors such as water/waste water, food production, oil and gas, alternative energy, HVAC, and general process control—it remains committed to its core values of innovation, excellence and customer-centricity. With a bold vision and a mission-driven approach, Palmer DCS is ready to lead the charge in shaping the future of electrical control solutions.

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