These Job Killers Need Action!

Two major job killer bills are up in critical committees next week. First, on Monday, House Bill 1330 will be heard in the House Finance Committee. This proposal adds complex new layers of regulations on environmental and construction permits, deterring growth and driving companies out of Colorado.

Please take a moment to use the Chamber’s action alert below to ask members of the House Finance Committee to OPPOSE HB 1330:

In addition, House Bill 1339 will be heard on Thursday, April 18. This bill has been delayed multiple times, but we still need your support to keep the pressure on the committee. It would overhaul the state’s emissions standards – again – moving the goal posts and imposing harsh regulations on the business community. If you haven’t already, use our action alert on HB 1339 here.

We are also still looking to coordinate testimony against both of these bills. If you are interested in testifying on Monday or Thursday, please contact Teresa Busk at [email protected].