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Denver Gazette: Colorado lawmakers reject bill to ban oil and gas drilling by 2030

A panel of Colorado lawmakers on Thursday night rejected legislation that sought to ban all new oil and gas drilling in Colorado by 2030.

Senate Bill 24-159 would have mandated the Colorado Energy & Carbon Management Commission to adopt rules on ceasing the issuance of new oil and gas permits before Jan. 1, 2030.

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce echoed the sentiment.

“SB 159 was one of the most hostile bills targeting the energy industry we’ve ever seen, and its impact would have resonated far beyond oil and gas,” Loren Furman, the chamber’s president and CEO, said in a news release. “The disturbing volume of bills coming from the Capitol that create an unwelcoming environment for business sends the wrong message across the state.”

She added: “This is about preserving jobs, and members who voted ‘no’ tonight acted in support of the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans directly or indirectly employed by the energy industry. We applaud their courage and support of the statewide business community.”

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