Colorado Chamber Council and Alliances Convene to Take Positions on Legislation

This week, the Colorado Chamber Government Affairs Council, Legal Reform Alliance and Technology Alliance gathered to discuss upcoming legislation affecting the business community and received updates on the remainder of the legislation session from key leaders.

The Government Affairs Council was joined by Rebecca Kisner, chief of staff for the Colorado House Democrats and Nathan Fisher, chief of staff for the Colorado House Republicans. The pair discussed their expectations and agendas for the rest of the legislative session. The Colorado Chamber appreciates the hard work of legislative staff and recognizes the key part they play in the legislative process.

Michael Richards, policy director for the U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center briefed the Technology Alliance on artificial intelligence (AI) bills that have been implemented in other states such as Connecticut. Richards highlighted how these bills might impact similar Colorado legislation.

The Colorado Chamber took positions on the following bills:

Government Affairs:

HB 1373: Oppose

The bill eliminates the liquor-licensed drugstore license and requires all active liquor-licensed drugstore licenses to convert to a fermented malt beverage and wine retailer license. The bill also contains rules regarding how a retailer can sell and deliver products. The Chamber is opposed to the bill as it would unravel Proposition 125, an initiative passed by voters in 2022 and supported by the Colorado Chamber.

SB 181: Oppose

The bill establishes the Colorado alcohol impact and recovery enterprise to levy fees on alcohol manufacturers and wholesalers for funding substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery services statewide, with exemptions for small-scale producers. The Chamber is opposed to the bill due to the increased costs placed on businesses and the hidden fees consumers would face.

Legal Reform Alliance:

HB 1230: Oppose

The bill modifies construction defect litigation standards and consumer protections for residential property owners. The Chamber is opposed to the bill as it moves litigation on construction defects in the wrong direction and will lead to more lawsuits in the future.

Technology Alliance:

HB 1151: Amend

The bill prohibits advertising a price for a product, good or service unless the price advertised includes all mandatory or nondiscretionary fees. While the bill does provide certain exceptions, the Chamber would like to see the bill amended to include other sectors.