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Gazette: EDITORIAL: Pressure is on for property-tax relief

A state panel charged with finding long-term relief from Colorado’s skyrocketing property taxes had better not settle for a mere “Version 2.0” of the ineffectual relief-lite that was ginned up by last fall’s special legislative session.

If it does, hard-pressed taxpayers are likely to give up waiting for the state to take meaningful action — and opt instead for a statewide ballot proposal to get the job done.

Stakeholder groups supporting a far-reaching alternative that could land on next fall’s ballot have urged the commission to come aboard. The groups’ pending citizens ballot initiative would roll back property assessment values and cap year-to-year increases thereafter.

But as reported by the Chamber’s Sum & Substance, the bipartisan big tent represented on the commission doesn’t seem inclined toward such bold moves. It may be more inclined toward half-measures.

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