Senator Mullica Addresses Chamber Tax Council Meeting

This week the Colorado Chamber Tax Council convened to receive updates on upcoming bills and engaged in discussions with Sen. Kyle Mullica, chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

Sen. Mullica,  joined the Tax Council on Friday, March 1, to speak about his role as chair and interacting with the business community. The senator and members of the council had an insightful discussion about Colorado’s competitiveness, increased costs being placed on businesses and the influx of tax credit bills being filed in the legislature.

The Chamber’s Energy & Environment Council also took the following positions via email:

HB 1338: Amend

The bill creates the Office of Environmental Justice, creates a rapid response team to respond to air quality complaints, requires an assessment of refinery regulations and establishes a mechanism for local governments to request stricter emissions limits. Based on feedback from the Council, there are several concerns with the legislation, but the local government section of the bill is the most problematic. The Chamber has provided feedback to the proponents, CDPHE and the Office of the Governor.

HB 1339: Oppose

The bill would change the makeup of the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC). Additionally, it seeks to change the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Management for Manufacturing 2 (GEMM 2) rule which was just finalized at the end of 2023. The Colorado Chamber as well as other members played an active role in the GEMM 2 rulemaking. This bill sets a dangerous precedent that if an entity does not like the outcome of a rulemaking that they can merely run legislation to undo it. Therefore, the Chamber is opposed to the legislation.

HB 1346: Support

The bill sets up a regulatory regime for Carbon Capture and Underground Storage (CCUS). This is a priority for our Environmental Sustainability & Climate Action Task Force and the Colorado Chamber has been working with the Department of Natural Resources on the bill.