Government Affairs Council Support Initiatives on Affordable Housing, Child Care and Workforce Issues

This week, the Colorado Chamber’s Government Affairs Council was joined by Nellie Moran, chief of staff for the Colorado Senate Democrats and Tim Griesmer, chief of staff for the Colorado Senate Republicans.

The chiefs of staff discussed their priorities with the group, including focuses around affordable housing and addressing workforce issues. The pair also spoke about their bipartisanship efforts and the role the business community can play in the legislative process.

Members of the Council supported multiple bills that aim to increase the amount of housing available middle-income households, generate the development of more child care facilities and improve the education to employment pipeline through apprenticeships.

The Council took positions on the following bills:

HB 1237: Support

The bill creates three grant programs in the Division of Housing in order to ease the creation and development of child care facilities. The bill provides toolkits and incentives for local governments to change regulations or make other updates to ease the burdens on child care.

HB 1175: Oppose

The bill creates a right of first refusal and a right of first offer for local governments to certain types of multifamily rental properties. The Colorado Chamber is opposed to the bill based on concerns that it will interfere with the supply of housing in Colorado.

HB 1316: Support

The bill creates a pilot program for an income tax credit for owners of qualified housing developments focused on rental housing for middle-income individuals and families. The Chamber has identified a significant need for this level of housing across the state.

SB 106: Support

The bill modifies requirements to initiate a construction defect action and clarifies the conditions under which a claim is settled and released under the Construction Defect Action Reform Act.

SB 143: Support

The bill requires that state agencies evaluate if non-degree credentials meet certain standards and applies an international classification system to credential pathways and apprenticeships. Specifically, the bill adds apprenticeship programs to the list of stackable credentials. This bill will help bolster the state’s workforce, which is a key priority of the Colorado Chamber’s legislative agenda and 10-year strategic action plan.