Chair’s Roundtable: What Every Leader Can Learn from Jake Jabs

This week, the Colorado Chamber hosted a Chair’s Roundtable at the American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) Headquarters where the group met and spoke with CEO Jake Jabs.

In 1975, Jabs purchased a struggling one-location furniture business called American Furniture Company which he renamed American Furniture Warehouse. Under Jabs’ leadership, American Furniture Warehouse expanded into a sixteen-store operation that includes 10 stores in Colorado, three stores in Arizona and three stores in Texas.

During the roundtable, Jabs shared the principles and strategies that have grown AFW into one of the top retail furniture companies in the U.S. and one of the largest privately held businesses in Colorado. Jabs spoke about his disbelief in goals, weathering tough times, investing in operational efficiencies, avoiding debt and running a company in which employees feel entrepreneurial.

Along with a tour of their headquarters, Jabs left the group with his life rules. Jabs explained that he believes that all you need in life is to have purpose, stay healthy, exercise the brain, enjoy what you do, opt out of retirement and have family in business.