Job-Killing Bills Are Coming: Take Action Now

The 2024 legislative session has seen an alarming influx in job-killing proposals and draft legislation that would deliver a significant blow to Colorado’s economy. Specifically, three new environmental bills collectively would threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs across the state.

Most of these bills haven’t been formally filed yet, but the Colorado Chamber has seen early versions of the proposals:

  • One major bill would impose a complete ban on all new oil and gas development across the state, upending the entire industry in Colorado.
  • Another bill would revive a previously-failed effort to mandate how Coloradans commute to work, requiring reduced use of personal vehicles. The bill would also ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035.
  • The last bill would add layers of new complex regulations to obtain environmental and construction permits, intentionally creating costly barriers to industry.

Colorado’s competitive edge is on the decline. Job-killing policies from the state legislature in recent years have created costly barriers to business in the form of complex regulations and bureaucratic red tape. Many Colorado businesses are looking to other states with more attractive business climates.

We want Colorado to be a leading state for businesses to invest and create jobs. It’s critical that we correct course and defeat job-killing legislation to safeguard our economy and keep Colorado competitive.

Sign the petition below to OPPOSE these job-killing bills. Your support will help the Chamber demonstrate broad support for the statewide business community and keep Colorado competitive.