The Government Affairs Council Opposes Harmful Short-term Rental Legislation

The Colorado Chamber’s Government Affairs Council held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss upcoming 2024 legislation. The group was joined by several speakers from the Governor’s Office, including Allie Jennings (Legislative Director), Eleni Angelides (Deputy Legislative Director), Casey Badmington (Senior Legislative Advisor) and Jamie Short (Legislative Coordinator).

The speakers provided insight into the priorities of the Governor’s Office and highlighted key legislative areas for the upcoming session, specifically related to housing, workforce, health care, and energy & environment. One key legislative focus of the Governor’s Office involves bolstering apprenticeships statewide and integrating regional talent planning, a recommendation from the Chamber’s Education to Employment Alliance. The Colorado Chamber is proud of its working relationship with the Governor’s Office and looks forward to further collaboration.

The Government Affairs Council took an “opposed” position on SB 33 regarding lodging property tax treatment. The bill establishes that a short-term rental unit that is leased for less than 30 consecutive days is not a primary residence and must be classified as either residential real property or lodging property. The Council raised concerns regarding the economic impact of the bill, especially at a local level in mountain resort communities. The bill will be heard in the Senate Finance committee later this month.