Last Call To Join The 2024 Leadership Colorado Class!

Attention companies in healthcare, construction, professional services, technology – we especially want more of your voice represented in this year’s Leadership Colorado class!

Leadership Colorado has an incredible lineup of businesses to visit this year. Participants get professional development by learning the ‘ins and outs’ of running a business in that industry, discussing policy issues impacting their business, and growing their network with our state’s rising business leaders. This years’ program hosts include Snooze Restaurants, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Lockheed Martin, Lincoln College of Technology, Monarch Casino, and more – including a trip to Grand Junction to learn about the businesses and business issues on the western slope. Past participants say they LOVE this program, and participation helps create a foundation for the next generation of success for the Colorado Chamber. If you’ve been considering having a colleague participate in this program, this is the last opportunity to join for 2024. The program runs from February through October and takes place during the regular workday. Applications are available now!


Feedback from the 2023 Cohort:

“I did not have many preconceived expectations of the LC program when I signed up, and I was blown away by the opportunity. I got the most out of the deep education about different industries in the state, the insights about how those industries are responding to evolving workforce trends, and the networking opportunities, both within the LC cohort of participants and among the industry leaders we interacted with.”

“Thank you for the care and thoughtfulness in designing these experiences. It showed and was fabulously enriching for me. I also made some new friends!”

“The program has a good mix of serious panels and fun behind-the-scenes tours that are educational. Participating in Leadership Colorado was an exceptional experience that provided me with the opportunity to connect with fellow community members. It offered valuable exposure to policies I might not have engaged with otherwise, and the chance to meet C-level executives was truly rewarding.” 

“I had an extremely fulfilling experience as a member of the 2023 Leadership Colorado cohort, and it was an honor to be a part of it. I want to express my gratitude and acknowledge the tremendous efforts Molly put into making this program a success and through this, have sustained contact with fellow graduates once the program concluded. The programs were highly informative and I learned so much. Thank you to Molly and the Chamber for allowing this experience to happen!”