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CSR: Minority Leader Paul Lundeen’s 2024 Opening Day Remarks

Below is the transcript of Colorado Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen’s (R-Monument) speech on the opening day of the Second Regular Session of the 74th General Assembly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Coloradans, thank you for being here. Dear Colleagues, and I use those words with consideration, welcome back, it’s good to see you.

The plight of our small businesses cannot be overlooked either. They are straining under the weight of regulations and burdens imposed upon them by this legislature. A recent survey by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce reveals that the cost of living and the lack of affordable housing are the two biggest barriers to recruiting and retaining workforce talent.

An alarming 86% of our state’s business leaders find it more expensive to conduct business in the front range of Colorado compared to other states, primarily due to excessive regulations and mandates.

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