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DBJ: Unfinished Business: Business leaders are waiting to see how lawmakers will work to tackle some of Colorado’s biggest problems

The 2024 Colorado General Assembly could be one dominated by unfinished business — continued conversations about issues that past sessions broached, or troubles that have plagued Coloradans with increasing urgency in recent years. And while discussions continue around familiar themes, one other item worth noting is one party — the Democrats — continues to control both chambers by large margins.

Furman was appointed to the 19-member special property tax commission created by the legislature during its special session. The group is studying and compiling options for a new property tax structure that will provide a long-term solution to rising property taxes in a way that helps Coloradans but doesn’t hurt local governments.

One of her priorities will be helping the commission look at both the residential and commercial property tax rates, Furman said. Commercial property taxes remain an issue affecting property owners and renters alike, Furman said.

“The response from our businesses continues to be that the housing costs have a direct impact on them,” Furman said, noting the issue makes it difficult for businesses to hire skilled workers.

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