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Durango Herald: Property tax task force ‘determined to create a bipartisan solution’

The first step of big change for Colorado happened last week: the start of a bipartisan look at property taxes, attempting to outline plans for financial sustainability.

After the fall of Proposition HH last month, the governor called for a special session of the Legislature, stipulating that we re-evaluate property taxes for the upcoming year, at least. We passed several bills lowering the assessment rate and saving renters from paying even more, but we also created the Commission on Property Tax to scrutinize how we determine our state’s taxes for years to come. It met for the first time on Dec. 20.

Also named were Broomfield Mayor Guyleen Castriotta; Colorado’s property tax administrator JoAnn Groff; Colorado Education Association Vice President Kevin Vick; and Loren Furman, president and CEO of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

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