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DBJ: Poll showing voter concern about Colorado economy ‘tough pill to swallow’

As Colorado’s next legislative session approaches, recent polling shed light on how likely 2024 voters view some of the state’s most pressing issues. In short, the poll found voters fear foundational components of the American Dream are crumbling, and as one business leader put it, the results are “a tough pill to swallow.”

Colorado Chamber of Commerce CEO Loren Furman said the results sounded all too familiar.

“Voter sentiments on cost of living, housing and the outlook of the business climate are consistent with what we’ve seen and heard in our own polling of the business community. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but Colorado’s position in national economic rankings continues to drop. We’re among the bottom compared to other states for cost of doing business, cost of living, and housing affordability — and it continues to threaten our broader economic standing,” Furman said in emailed comments.

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