Colorado Chamber Hosts Roundtable on Cybersecurity

This week the Colorado Chamber hosted a Chair’s Roundtable on cybersecurity which brought together industry leaders and professionals to explore the evolving landscape of cyber threats, with a particular focus on the increasing dangers and costs associated with ransomware attacks. Despite a leveling off in the overall number of ransomware incidents, the severity and financial implications of these attacks continue to escalate, as highlighted by MGM’s disclosure of a staggering $100 million in associated business costs from a ransomware attack.

The roundtable featured a panel of leading international experts including Dr. Shawn Murray from the Information Systems Security Association, Tom Wojeinski representing Wipfli, and Paige Goss from Point Solutions Group. These experts provided invaluable insights into the current state of cybersecurity. Attendees were treated to eye-opening examples of how cybercriminals construct spear phishing attacks, with specific instances designed to illustrate how attackers might target individuals attending such programs.

The focal point of the discussion was the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the necessity for executives to stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding their organizations. The roundtable not only highlighted the ominous tactics used by cyber adversaries but also offered practical insights into tools and trends for fortifying organizational defenses. These insights equipped executives with valuable knowledge and resources to better protect their businesses in the face of escalating digital risks.