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Colorado Sun: What’s Working: The number of open jobs in Colorado is a sign the labor market may be stabilizing

After seeing a decline in online job openings in Colorado earlier this year, the number is going back up, according to a new jobs report that tracks who’s hiring.

The report, which will be released next week by the Colorado Chamber and Aspen Tech Labs, found that the number of job vacancies grew 1% to about 121,600 in the third quarter, compared with the second quarter, which was down 8% from the first quarter.

Such a small rate change is considered stable. But finding enough workers remains a challenge, said Loren Furman, the chamber’s president and CEO.

“This was raised in a significant way through our 2022 and 2023 statewide business surveys.  A lack of skilled workers were in the top two concerns for business,” Furman said in an email. The business advocacy group plans to push for legislation next year to address workforce concerns.

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