Celebrating Colorado’s Manufacturers: Gov. Polis Declares October as Colorado Manufacturing Month

Gov. Jared Polis has declared the month of October 2023 as Colorado Manufacturing Month, which coincides with National Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) on Friday, October 6. The governor’s proclamation recognizes Colorado’s manufacturing industry as a vital sector that fuels the economy, creates jobs and fosters innovation.

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce is recognizing the state’s vibrant manufacturing industry through the annual Coolest Thing Made in Colorado contest and will announce the winner of this year’s contest on October 19.  Additionally, the proclamation recognizes last year’s winner of the Coolest Thing Made in Colorado contest, Innovative Water Technologies, for their water purification system that provides safe drinking water to developing communities around the world.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Colorado’s manufacturing sector is a powerhouse. In 2022, manufacturing contributed approximately $32.8 billion to Colorado’s economy, representing a substantial portion of the state’s overall GDP. Moreover, manufacturing supported over 150,000 jobs in Colorado, illustrating its role as a significant employer within the state. Colorado’s manufacturing sector is known for its innovation, embracing advanced technologies and practices that drive productivity and efficiency.

As we observe Manufacturing Month this October, let’s celebrate the hardworking individuals, businesses and organizations that form the backbone of our state’s economy. Join us in recognizing the impact of manufacturing and the role it plays in shaping a prosperous future for Colorado. Let’s support and champion our manufacturers, appreciating their dedication to excellence, innovation, and the continued growth of our great state. Happy Manufacturing Month, Colorado!

To view the governor’s proclamation, please click here.