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House Digest: Whatever Happened To Wad-Free Bed Sheet Laundry Detangler After Shark Tank Season 13?

Washing bed sheets is a nightmare. The bedding loves to cuddle with other clothing in the washer and dryer. Who hasn’t experienced the duvet burrito with socks and shirts tangled inside? Your clothes don’t get cleaned or dried properly — wasting time, energy, and money. Cyndi Bray experienced this issue one too many times and sought to bring a solution to all launders everywhere with her product Wad-Free.

Wad-Free is based in Denver, Colorado, and is proud to be made in the USA. After “Shark Tank,” the company was a finalist in the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Coolest Thing Made in Colorado contest. The bedding unraveler also received national attention. Wad-Free was featured in noteworthy publications like “Women’s Health Magazine,” “Apartment Therapy,” “House Beautiful,” “HGTV,” and “The Today Show.” We at House Digest tried the product to see if Shark Tank’s Wad-Free bed sheet laundry detangler is worth purchasing. Spoiler: it is.

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