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The Center Square: Gov. Polis directs Colorado government to address housing affordability

Colorado’s housing shortage is at a critical stage, according to Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, and he ordered state agencies to make changes to help solve the problem.

“Colorado is at a crossroads, we can take action to help create more housing now or we can go the way of California where home prices are upwards of $1 million,” Polis said in a statement accompanying an executive order on Monday. “The choice is clear: Coloradans want a rejection of the status quo, which is why I am taking the actions that I can within my authority to streamline and speed up approval and ensure the government is not a barrier to housing being built while helping save people money.”

“State competitiveness data we’ve collected shows that Colorado has one of the highest housing costs compared to other states,” said Colorado Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Loren Furman. “It’s critical that all tools in the toolbox are used to reduce the housing shortage and affordability crisis that Colorado is experiencing.”

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