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Aspen Times: Job openings in Colorado decline as employers presumably find the staff they need

After two years of labor shortages, Colorado’s job market seems to be turning around, at least for some employers.

A new analysis by Aspen Tech Labs, an Aspen-based agency focused on recruitment, found that the number of job vacancies in Colorado dropped 8% during the second quarter. Openings were down by 9,700 in three months to 110,522 by the end of June. The state wasn’t a standout, though. Other states also saw declines. Colorado ranked 33rd highest.

Still, this reverses the trend Colorado saw in the past two years when employers were desperate for workers. Some complained of attracting zero candidates, others said new applicants were not showing up for interviews or even work if they were hired. (On the other hand, some workers were complaining about unlivable wages and the quality of job openings.)

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