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DBJ: Business groups are rooting for Gov. Polis to veto these bills

Fresh from the 2023 legislative session, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has embarked on a bill-signing tour over the past few weeks. Last week alone, he approved measures that would expand the state’s vehicle-charging infrastructure as well as a controversial proposal to reign in rising property taxes by using part of the surplus from the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Better known as the Protecting Opportunities and Workers Rights (POWR) Act, this measure would update Colorado’s definition of harassment by specifying that harassment does not need to be “severe or pervasive” to constitute a discriminatory or unfair practice.

During the legislative session, business groups (including the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce) expressed misgivings that SB 23-172 would increase their liability risks and regulatory burden.

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