Small businesses have the power to impact policies and effect change!

It is crucial for small businesses to have a say in the formation of policies and regulations that directly impact their operations. Government decisions can significantly affect the success of businesses and limit their potential for growth. Given that small enterprises are a vital aspect of the Colorado economy, their input is crucial in shaping legislation and policies within the state.

Here are a few ways that small businesses can contribute to policy and influence decision-making:

Join the Colorado Chamber

Becoming a member of the Colorado Chamber, the state’s Chamber of Commerce, is an excellent way to elevate the voice of the business community. The Colorado Chamber has a special membership for small businesses – learn more here!

Get Involved in Your Local Chamber

Local chambers are instrumental in driving economic growth within their communities and have a unique understanding of issues impacting local businesses. They play a vital role in amplifying the voice of the business community in the legislature and unifying businesses across the state.

Leadership Colorado Program

Participating in the Leadership Colorado Program, a nine-month initiative that offers exclusive insight into prominent Colorado companies, can be an excellent way for rising business leaders to learn about policy issues and the impact they can have on the economy. Through this immersive program, participants can acquire a better understanding of policy and its impact on businesses, enabling them to shape and enhance Colorado’s business climate.

Chamber Policy Councils

Joining a policy council is an opportunity to work alongside business policy experts, operators, and government officials to advance Colorado’s economy and influence pro-business legislation. Policy Councils are at the core of the Colorado Chamber’s work, providing members with the chance to contribute their expertise and judgment to policymaking and influence regulations that affect business. Council meetings facilitate an open and honest dialogue between members, legislators, and state agency leaders.

Chamber Coalitions

Chamber Coalitions are a highly effective tool for achieving results for businesses. These groups are designed to delve into specific issues, proposals, bills, or programs that directly impact employers. Members receive the latest updates and can participate in strategy sessions, provide testimony or public comments, collaborate on messaging, and more. This allows members to remain informed on the issues and provide their input to advance the interests of the business community.

Political Programs

Elections matter! Get involved in our political programs to promote candidates who understand free enterprise and the needs of the business community. Members also get the unique opportunity to interview legislative candidates to assess their policy position and background, helping decide which candidates get the coveted Chamber endorsement.