Small Business Feature: Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control

In honor of National Small Business Week, the Colorado Chamber is celebrating Colorado small businesses and recognizing the contributions of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their employees to our local communities. Learn more about Small Business Week here!

Today’s feature is Richard Christner with Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control

Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control, one of Denver’s premier providers, started as a dream of a family working together and building a future with purpose.

In 2011, the journey began with Wilson Christner bringing his pest control experience and Marvin Christner bringing his building experience to provide long-term solutions to pest and wildlife intrusions. In a true family effort, Richard Christner and Sylvia Christner also joined to provide the much needed “behind the scenes” office and financial support.

Since those first few years, the company has grown to include many new “family” members – both by blood and friendship – with each one bringing skills that allow them to continue providing quality pest control, wildlife control and restoration solutions in the Denver metro area.

No one person can “do it all,” and as a team, they are able to focus on locating the problem, removing the pest, and working to offer long-term preventative solutions. Their pest, wildlife and restoration departments are able to work seamlessly to provide all of their clients with quality solutions from start to finish so there is no need for multiple contractors even on complex projects.

“The heart of our company is to be trustworthy to each person that we serve – both our clients and our team,” said Richard Christner. “Our goal is to express an attitude of warmth toward the values of our clients through the services we render, and we believe peace of mind should be an imperative result of each business transaction we perform.”

As the company grows, Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control continues to provide the personalized and professional service that customers expect from a local, family-owned and operated company.

Christner’s advice to other small business owners is to take every advantage you can to network and learn in your industry. “Be a good student of whatever industry you are in. Take the time to really understand the intricacies of what it takes to be best in class,” said Christner.

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