Small Business Feature: Summit Brick

In honor of National Small Business Week, the Colorado Chamber is celebrating Colorado small businesses and recognizing the contributions of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their employees to our local communities. Learn more about Small Business Week here!

Today’s feature is Jim Welte with Summit Brick

The brick industry is in Jim Welte’s blood as his great grandfather started Summit Brick Company in 1902 in Pueblo, Colorado. Summit Brick Company is a masonry manufacturer and distributor that offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly products to their customers.

As Operations Manager for Summit Brick Company’s Lakewood Plant, Welte oversees several key components in the manufacturing process such as inventory management and quality control. The Summit Brick Lakewood Plant has made brick for several notable projects, such as several buildings on CU, School of Mines, CSU, and CU of Colorado Springs. Summit Brick was also a part of the recent expansions with UC Health up and down the front range.

Summit Brick is family-owned and operated to this day. Welte is a fourth-generation owner and several of his family members continue to work alongside him.

“I take pride in being part of a family-owned business and knowing that my name is behind a product that is literally building Colorado,” said Welte.

Outside of work and bricks, Welte is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, Mercedes, and son, Hank, on their homestead. The family spends their free time milking their goats, tending to their chickens, and chasing their pig in their backyard.

Welte urges other small business owners to always remember where they started. “If you know where you come from, then knowing where you are going becomes clearer,” said Welte.

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