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Colorado Politics: Business coalition in Colorado mobilizes against emissions bill

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce-led coalition also said a provision in the bill seeks to revive a proposal from two years ago that seeks to impose a “trip reduction” program on companies aimed at curbing vehicle emissions.

“Make no mistake — this bill goes far beyond just the energy industry,” Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman said in statement, adding the proposal, House Bill 1294, would “create complex and costly new regulations on a broad range of businesses, from breweries and bakeries to hotels and warehouses.”

HB1294 proposes a host of changes to Colorado’s emissions regime. Among other provisions, the bill removes the prohibition against the Air Quality Control Commission adopting regulations that are “more stringent” than applicable federal law to cover indirect sources of emissions; allows anyone to bring a civil suit against an entity for violating Clean Air regulations; and, requires the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to investigate any complaint alleging a violation of a state law, rule, or order related to oil and gas — unless the complaint “clearly appears on its face to be trivial.”

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