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DBJ: Colorado House begins debate on eliminating local housing growth caps

Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that would eliminate caps placed on housing growth at the local level. House Bill 23-1255 would override local ordinances to restrict growth through, for example, limiting the number of building permits.

Supporters applaud the bill’s sponsors Democrat representatives William Lindstedt, Ruby Dickson and Julie Gonzales for addressing what several called “exclusionary” and “arbitrary” zoning. Opponents reject the bill, saying it would take control away from local governments who know their areas best regarding the limitations of resources available to support the increasing population.

During a hearing of the House Committee on Transportation, Housing & Local Government on April 5, supporters said the housing crisis was a driver for eliminating laws that suppress growth. Meghan Dollar of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce told committee members that a top priority for chamber members — namely businesses — was having an adequate housing supply.

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