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Housing Discussions Ramping Up


It’s been a big week for affordable-housing bills at the Colorado Capitol, even for a session where the subject will dominate debates this year.

House members passed a much-publicized bill that would end the state’s 42-year-old prohibition against cities and counties enacting rent-stabilization or rent-control ordinances — a bill that is not likely to make it through the Senate, a key Democratic senator said recently. But House committees also gave first approvals to two bills with lower visibility that could have a significant impact on housing attainability — a controversial measure to allow local governments the first right of refusal on for-sale apartment complexes and a more bipartisan effort to offer tax credits to employers who contribute money to worker housing funds — and stories in this newsletter detail both of them.

But it’s not all housing at the Capitol, at least not yet, and The Sum & Substance also covered the latest turns this week on a bill to add more employer requirements to Colorado’s two-year-old Equal Pay for Equal Work law. Plus, the news site will watch closely what happens today with a business-opposed measure to require predictive scheduling practices at restaurants and retail locations, so continue to check back for the latest.

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