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GAZETTE OP-ED: ‘Fair workweek’ would crush Colorado’s job creators

By Loren Furman for The Gazette

As Coloradans, we’re exceptionally proud to live and work in such an inspiring state. It’s irrefutable that our quality of life, access to outdoor recreation and natural beauty, and sense of community sets us apart. While our strengths as a state are unmatched, it doesn’t come without challenges — some of which are making it increasingly difficult to live, work and do business here.

At the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, we’re focused on fostering economic growth to ensure we remain an attractive place to do business now and in the years to come.

We want to be a top state where job creators choose to invest, innovate and create opportunities for all Coloradans. That’s why over the last year, we’ve set out to identify Colorado’s biggest vulnerabilities and competitive challenges through studies, in-depth conversations with business leaders, and assessments of our business climate.

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