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Biz West: Estes chamber opposes Fair Workweek Employment Standards bill

ESTES PARK – The executive committee of the Estes Chamber of Commerce has voted to join the Colorado Chamber of Commerce in opposing state House Bill 1118, the “Fair Workweek Employment Standards” bill.

According to a statement issued Tuesday by the Estes Chamber, “Estes Park is a seasonal town supported by a diverse group of entrepreneurs and small businesses that would be negatively impacted by HB23-1118. The Estes Chamber of Commerce joins the Colorado Chamber and the Colorado Restaurant Association in the opposition of HB23-1118.

Melissa Strong, owner of the Bird’s Nest and Bird & Jim restaurants in Estes Park, asked the Chamber to oppose the bill.

“The nature of restaurant work and the reason we can attract employees is the flexible schedule,” she said. “The majority of our employees work in the restaurant business because of the flexible schedule. HB 23-1118 penalizes me for staffing up or down due to things outside my control. Estes Park is growing in the off season, but we still dramatically slow down in the winter. “HB 23-1118 would cost businesses more money for administrative resources to create schedules 21 days in advance.”

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