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Chamber Member Fidelity Investments Launches Invest In My Education (ME)

As part of its long-standing commitment to financial education and inclusion, Fidelity Investments today announced a $250 million commitment that will provide access to education and support for up to 50,000 Black, Latinx, and historically underserved students through the launch of its Invest in My Education (ME)℠ program. The social impact initiative is the latest step in Fidelity’s ongoing commitment to historically underserved communities. In tandem, the firm is continuing to take deliberate steps to strengthen its commitment to diversity and inclusion at every level within its own organization and maintaining its focus on delivering relevant products and services to its increasingly diverse customers.

Invest in My Education (ME) will build upon Fidelity’s culture of associate volunteerism and focus on financial wellbeing, bringing together scholarships, mentoring, student success and education expertise, as well as experienced nonprofit partners to improve the long-term outcomes of thousands of Black, Latinx, and underserved students. The success of the initiative will be measured through students’ college completion rates, their capacity to graduate without student debt, and their ability to secure good-paying jobs that facilitate greater economic mobility and financially firm futures.

Read more about the initiative here.