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Westword: Are These the Ten Coolest Things Made in Colorado?

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce has announced the ten finalists in the Coolest Things Made in Colorado contest; they range from bionic fingers to a device that prevents sheets from wadding up in the wash.

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets by Brayniacs LLC is one of the Colorado creations that Westword suggested might be a strong competitor. Manufactured in Englewood and featured on Shark Tank, it’s a device that attaches to blankets and bedsheets to prevent them from getting wadded up in the washer and dryer.

A selection committee reviewed the nominations, determined which qualified as an item actually manufactured in Colorado, then narrowed the eligible contestants down to finalists ACES Ejection Seat by Collins Aerospace, Beer Darts Set by Beer Darts Company, Handmade Skis by Meier Skis, Hemplime Insulation by Hemp Building Company, Marble Vodka 80 by Marble Distilling Company, Point Digit by Point Designs, Portable Shower by Geyser Systems, SunSpring Hybrid by Innovative Water Technologies, Tether Vertebral Body Tethering System by ZimVie Spine, and Wad-Free.