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Colorado Politics: Colorado Chamber of Commerce backs ballot measures expanding alcohol laws

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce threw its support behind three ballot initiatives on Wednesday, each seeking to expand the state’s alcohol laws.

Propositions 126125 and 124 would, respectively, allow third-party delivery companies, such as UberEats, to deliver alcohol from restaurants, bars and liquor stores; allow grocery and convenience stores that sell beer to also sell wine; and, gradually eliminate the limit on liquor stores operated by one person or business.

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors endorsed all three of the initiatives in a recent vote.

“Colorado has been long overdue to rethink the way we approach liquor licensing,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman. “This is about helping some of our hardest-hit businesses recover from ongoing economic challenges while also giving consumers more options when it comes to how and where they choose to purchase alcohol. Together, these common-sense ballot initiatives will help bring Colorado’s alcohol regulatory environment into the 21st century.”