Small Business Feature: Beach Haus Swimwear in Denver

Many small retailers have been innovators in the evolution of the traditional retail experience as businesses are moving into contemporary community cultural centers. One of the trailblazers in the revitalization of the retail concept is the Colorado Chamber’s newest small business member, Beach Haus Swimwear!

Principle owner of Beach Haus Swimwear, Priscilla B. Varner, wanted to offer an experience-based boutique to her customers but felt the typical store front limited her ability to make her vision a reality. After much research and creative problem solving, Varner’s plan began to evolve into a tiny house concept.

By moving from the traditional brick-and-mortar spaces to having permanent, semi-permanent, and pop-up boutiques in community cultural centers, small businesses can provide a unique costumer experience. With limited traditional store fronts available, tiny houses enable new business owners a more economical solution for launching their businesses as well as providing flexibility to any business model.

“I decided to research tiny houses as a more affordable option, but now, I don’t think I’ll ever have a traditional brick-and-mortar shop! People love to pop in for a quick look and then they end up staying because we have great swimwear and excellent customer service” says Varner.

While developing her tiny house boutique concept, Varner met Mackenzie Gray, the Leasing and Events Manager with EDENS. Together the pair launched a 185 square foot Beach Haus Swimwear boutique in the parking lot next to Denver Central Market just 10 short months later.

While Beach Haus is one of the pioneers of this new concept, they are confident that their experience-based brand will serve as an example to small retailers. There will always be space for traditional stores, but there is a new evolution of retail coming in the shape of tiny homes.

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