Chamber Member Feature: Enstrom Candies in Grand Junction


As part of the Colorado Chamber’s regional visits across the state, members of the Chamber’s team had the opportunity to visit with Enstrom Candies, longtime Chamber partner in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Most notable for their almond toffee, Enstrom has been serving Colorado and the greater United States for over 60 years. At its heart, the company shows a strong foundation of perseverance and community involvement. The Chamber had the opportunity to tour Enstrom’s candy factory, seeing firsthand the magic behind their famous toffee, along with other candies and handmade chocolates.


Chester K. “Chet” Enstrom, the founder of Enstrom Candies, began his career in the ice cream business many years before he developed his recipe for almond toffee. In 1929, he and his wife Vernie moved to Grand Junction, where they partnered with a salesman, Harry Jones, to establish the Jones-Enstrom Ice Cream Company. Soon hit by the effects of the Great Depression, the pair used hard work, creativity, and perseverance to keep their doors open for another 30 years.

While the ice cream shop was Chet’s main focus, a hobby of his was experimenting in candy making. Eventually Chet was able to perfect his toffee recipe which came to be the world-renowned almond toffee that Enstrom is known for. Together, he and Vernie opened a mom-and-pop shop “Enstrom Candy Co.” in 1960 and proudly made hand-dipped chocolates, small-batch caramels, and their one-of-a kind Almond Toffee for their friends and neighbors.

The business took off and Enstrom Candy had a soaring reputation, but by 1965 Chet was ready for his next adventure in the Colorado State Senate. Chet sold the business to his son and daughter-in-law, Emil and Mary Enstrom. The two breathed new life into the shop and shaped it into a thriving business. In 1979 their daughter Jamee and her husband Doug joined the family business during the time when they began mail orders and shipping their candy across the country.

Enstrom’s legacy continues as Doug Simmons, president of Enstrom Candies, was inducted into the National Confectionery Sales Association’s Candy Hall of Fame this past winter. Enstrom’s famous almond toffee is now a part of the Candy Hall of Fame alongside other staple candies such as Wrigley’s Gum and Mars Bars.

While Enstrom Candies has persevered over the years it is not done growing as the family-owned business builds upon their core principles of determination, hard work, and compassion.

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