Colorado Chamber Celebrates Victories of Endorsed Candidates in State Primary Elections

A message from Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman

For the first time in the Chamber’s history, we chose to engage in primary elections for state legislative races. Over the course of two days in May, we held a series of in-depth candidate interviews for contested races that we determined were competitive and important for the state’s future political outlook.

After thorough vetting of candidates’ campaigns, policy positions, district demographics, and political circumstances, we endorsed candidates on both sides of the aisle that we felt would best support the business community at the state legislature. Our goal was restore balance to the state’s political environment, which has increasingly seen extremes from both parties influencing policy to the detriment of our economic climate. We believe that the most effective way to govern is through collaboration and bipartisan compromise, and our endorsements reflect that.

While some races are still too close to call, including that of Chamber-endorsed Katie March in Denver’s House District 6 Democratic Primary, the preliminary results reveal some moderation in voter sentiment, particularly among Republican voters. Five out of the six candidates we endorsed in Republican primaries across the state have won their races – a demonstration of the Colorado Chamber’s political influence and voter rejection of partisan extremes.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing less moderation from the Democratic party, where more extreme progressive candidates performed better in several important legislative races across Colorado. Over the last four legislative sessions under full Democratic control, the progressive wing of the party has advanced problematic legislation that increases the cost of doing business in Colorado and makes us less competitive with other states economically.

Our goal moving forward is a future-focused vision for our state – one that elevates Colorado as the preferred place where dynamic business leaders choose to invest and innovate, creating opportunities for all Coloradans. Our political program and endorsements are an integral part of that vision, and we will continue our efforts to support pro-business candidates in the General Election.

Congratulations to the following Chamber-endorsed candidates who have won their primary elections so far (as of Wednesday, June 29th):

Paul Lundeen, Senate District 9
Rose Pugliese, House District 14
Colin Larson, House District 25
Lisa Frizell, House District 45
Hugh McKean, House District 51