Small Business Feature: Universal Chain, Inc.

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Joe Curry of Universal Chain: “You are only as good as your team”

Joe Curry is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Chain, Inc., an industry leader in third-party logistics, innovator in supply chain solutions, and authority on operational services. With more than 40 years of industry-leading experience, Universal Chain is a pioneer in the supply chain industry.

As a Colorado native, Joe Curry started his career in construction management when he scaled commercial buildings across the Front Range as an electrical contractor for 13 years. In 2009, Curry sought out an exciting new adventure which led him to his current role as the President and COO of Universal Chain, Inc.

“My career is built on a set of beliefs that include surrounding myself with intelligent and diverse people, making a tangible contribution every day, sprinting forward to new opportunities, and always doing more than what is expected,” Curry said.

Curry started his career with Universal Chain in San Francisco where he worked to grow the company across the West Coast and better support their team members and customers. In 2016, he returned to Colorado to expand the company headquarters and focus on positioning Universal Chain for long-term success.

As a decentralized company operating on 30%+ of the United States, Curry relies on his team heavily and is extremely grateful for their expertise, partnerships, and guidance. He views peoples personal and professional growth as one of the major accomplishments of Universal Chain. The company and its employees create opportunities and build true long-term partnerships with their customers which contributes to their overall success.

“I’ve realized over the years that it’s okay not to be the expert on everything and lean on your team,” he said. “You are only as good as your team.”

Universal Chain, Inc. continues to expand and create solutions for their industry and partners. Recently, they launched a new tech company, FreightSmith LLC, which has seen fast success with over 23,000 registered users on their mobile and web apps in just 11 weeks.

Curry’s advice for those wanting to start a business is that if you truly want it, don’t give up.

“There are more headwinds than tailwinds and do not get caught up in what business ownership may look like on social media. It’s hard work and to succeed you will need to sacrifice,” says Curry.

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