Small Business Feature: HERRON Enterprises

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Lennie Herron of HERRON Enterprises: Making Your Voice Heard as a Small Business

Lennie Herron is the president and CEO of HERRON Enterprises, an environmental consulting firm that assesses and responds to hazardous materials in homes, buildings, private, state, and federal government projects.

Herron has been in the industrial hygiene services industry since 1976, serving universities, commercial building owners, mall owners, and more. He and his wife, Christy, started HERRON in 1991. Their three daughters and oldest granddaughter later joined the company, quickly turning it into a family-run business.

Owning a small family business has its challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Herron says that he is proud of how the company has withstood the pandemic while still being able to meet their clients’ needs. The company also stepped up during the pandemic to help local communities during the uncertainty.

“We helped everyone we could during the start of COVID. We handed out over 3,000 N95 respirators, disposable suits, and gloves.”

HERRON has been involved in several major projects, including assisting the federal government in the closure of over 300 missile silos in the United States. The company has also have been involved in lead paint testing of the old Mile High Stadium and providing a Phase I environmental site assessment of the City of Pueblo.

Herron feels legislation that helps small businesses in Colorado is extremely important and he is especially proud of his involvement in the Colorado Chamber. The opportunities to directly impact legislative issues have been particularly gratifying. Through the Herron’s partnership with the Chamber, he has participated in a fly-in to Washington, DC to speak with Colorado’s U.S. Senators and Representatives. He has also provided his expertise on environmental issues to lawmakers.

“Since 1991, we have been closely involved in environmental legislation. We have met with various elected officials including Governors, and testified in front of Congress.”

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