Small Business Feature: TaxOps

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Judy Vorndran from TaxOps: Saving Companies Millions & Guiding Tax Policy

Judy Vorndran is an owner and partner at TaxOps, a specialty tax boutique practice that was founded by Big Four tax executives to get the best results for their clients.

Vorndran started her career running a cost ledger for a company in San Diego before moving to Colorado to attend CU Boulder Law School, and later attending a concurrent MSBA program. She decided to pursue big accounting firms instead of law firms, joining a Top 100 CPA firm and focusing on state and local tax for 14 years before joining TaxOps.

Vorndran has been with TaxOps since 2015, when she took a leap of faith and left her previous firm of over 100,000 employees to join TaxOps with about 25 employees. Three years in, Vorndran and three of her partners purchased the company from the original founder and continue to strive to be the best in the business today.

One of the biggest struggles Vorndran faced is just getting started. However, she found that working with others to gain different perspectives has helped to make challenging business decisions.

“They say the best business is a sole proprietorship,” she said. “However, making business decisions is complicated. I value working with a team and gaining insight from my partners and peers so that I can weigh the pros and cons, which I do not always see on my own.”

Vorndran is widely recognized for her accomplishments not only in helping other businesses but also in getting involved in state and local tax policy. She prides herself in helping companies save millions of dollars – both through her own work and teaching companies how to do it on their own.

She is the proudest of the work she has done to streamline the Colorado home rule sales tax process through the Simplify Colorado Sales Tax Coalition and acknowledges how just getting involved in local issues can make a difference.

As for advice for other small business owners, Vorndran says, “it’s important to understand yourself, what is your unique personality type, what are your strengths? Figure out what it is you love to do with your time – and find a way to do more of that.”

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