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What We’re Watching: HB 1244

What We’re Watching: HB 1244

Chamber Air Toxics Coalition Comes Out in Force in Legislative Committee

The House Energy and Environment Committee held a hearing late into the night on Thursday to consider several environmental bills – most notably HB 1244, the air toxics bill.

The Colorado Chamber has been working aggressively against this overly broad, costly legislation. Ahead of the hearing, Chamber members sent hundreds of emails to legislators on the committee in opposition to the bill, which would have a sweeping effect on companies with manufacturing or industrial operations in Colorado.

While the bill passed out of committee on a party line vote, representatives of the business community had a strong showing in testimony against the bill. We will continue to work together as a united front in opposition to the bill as it moves to the House Appropriations Committee.

THANK YOU to our coalition members who each made compelling arguments against HB 1244 in testimony, including:

Tom Peterson, Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association

Scott Davis, Schmidt Construction

Ken Coulson, Coulson Excavating

Grant Cruseturner, Brannan Sand & Gravel

Rich Meisinger, IBEW, Local 111

Phil Hayes, Rocky Mountain Pipe Trades Council

Adam DeVoe, Evraz

Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction Chamber

Sandra Solin, Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance

Rachel Beck, Colorado Competitive Council

Julie McCaleb, Colorado Livestock Association

Bobby Patrick, Advanced Medical Technology Association

Jessi Done, Terumo BCT

Michael Lumpkin, GCC Pueblo

Michael Crews, Colorado Bioscience Association

Marla Reichert, Estes Industries

Rod Rackley & Debra Diesing, Circle Graphics

Dave Jeffrey, JPM Advanced Manufacturing

Jeff West, Xcel Energy

Doug Lemke, Tri-State

Stan Dempsey, Colorado Mining Association

Tim Rogers & Carly West, Black Hills

Dan Hodges, Colorado Springs Utilities

Lynn Granger, American Petroleum Institute

Angie Binder, Colorado Petroleum Association

Dan Haley, Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Chelsie Miera, Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Grier Bailey, CO/WY Petroleum Marketers Association

Scott James, Weld County

Christian Reece, Club 20

Sara Blackhurst, Action 22

Richard Orf, Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado


Health Care Council Update

The Colorado Chamber’s Health Care Council met this week to discuss ongoing legislation at the capitol. The Council covered bills relating to pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), surprise billing, billing transparency, hospital visitation, and alternative payment models.

The Council also updated its position on HB 1122 from AMEND to OPPOSE. The bill would prohibit a PBM from reimbursing a pharmacy for a prescription drug in an amount that’s less than the national average drug acquisition (NADA) cost or the wholesale acquisition cost if the NADA isn’t available. While bill was amended in committee, Council members are still concerned about problematic provisions of the bill. HB 1122 passed the House Health and Insurance Committee on April 1 and is awaiting a hearing in Appropriations.

The House Health and Insurance Committee will consider several health policy bills that the Chamber is watching on its April 13th hearing, including:

  • HB 1284 is the surprise billing legislation that seeks to align state law with the federal “No Surprises Act”. The Chamber has not taken a position on the bill.
  • HB 1285 prohibits a hospital, person or entity from initiating or pursuing collection actions against a patient for debt incurred by a patient if hospital is not in compliance with federal transparency laws. The Chamber has been monitoring the bill and maintains an opposed position. Council members have a number of concerns about the legislation.
  • HB 1325 is the alternative payment model legislation that Rep. Kennedy discussed with the Health Care Council in March. The bill requires state agencies to develop and adopt rules for an alternative model for payment in the health care sector. The bill grants broad rulemaking authority to DOI and HCPF and mandates carriers to offer the state-created APM in all primary care contracts by 2025. The Council intends to take a position on the bill before it’s heard in committee.

Colorado Chamber Kicks Off 2022 Political Program

This week, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce kicked off it’s 2022 Election – Political Program and endorsement process.  The PAC Board held a strategy session to discuss which candidates will be selected for candidate interviews and which incumbents that support the Colorado Chamber’s mission for a business friendly climate will receive the Chamber’s endorsement.

The CO Chamber’s political program has a stellar reputation – every General Election year, candidates from both parties seek out the coveted Colorado Chamber endorsement to demonstrate their commitment to the business communities in their districts.  And this year, we’re getting involved in primary elections to expand and amplify our influence in the political process.

The Chamber will be focusing on three goals as it expands its Political Program:  1) growing the number of pro-business leaders in the State; 2) supporting those who have supported the business community’s goals; and 3) mobilizing our investors and partners that align with advancing our pro-business goals!

To participate on the Chamber’s PAC Board and candidate interviews, a contribution of $625 to the Colorado Chamber PAC is required each election cycle.  Please contact Tricia Smith at [email protected] for information on how to contribute.

Colorado Chamber Board Member Frank Caris to Retire

Colorado Chamber board member Frank Caris announced his retirement as chief executive offer of dipX LLC, a high-resolution images solutions company headquartered in Colorado Springs.  Caris served in his executive role for 15 years during which time he established a 150,000 sqft semiconductor manufacturing plant in the Springs, leading dpiX to become the largest A-Si semiconductor manufacturing facility in the western world. In addition to his service on the Chamber’s board, Caris in recent years was named Honorary Consul representing the Netherlands in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Congratulations, Frank!